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Welcome to the Study Abroad section at CICRA Campus, where we open doors to an international education experience. As a leading educational institution, we boast director partnerships with esteemed universities in Australia, the UK, and Malaysia, offering diverse study pathways for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Through our collaboration with ApplyBoard, we extend our reach to over 3000 universities across numerous countries, providing a broad spectrum of educational opportunities. For further details and personalized guidance, our dedicated counselors are here to assist you in navigating this exciting journey towards your global education aspirations.

CICRA Holdings in collaboration with CICRA Campus established its own ‘Study Abroad Centre’ in Colombo, Sri Lanka has been in the higher education sector, cyber security training, cyber security consultancy, and artificial intelligence and software development business spanning over 10-years. 

CICRA Holdings was first mooted in the year 2006 among a public-spirited team of academics and professionals, who were determined to promote integrated communication as a tool for the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka. Visit CICRA

CICRA Study Abroad Centre was established to support aspiring students seeking higher education opportunities by providing them with the best option to choose globally recognised degree programs. We endeavour to support students with the best possible option on studying overseas with our well-established representation with leading universities and colleges globally. 

Our focus is to support and guide young and adult students to the best possible Institutions, thus enabling them to build their academic and professional careers. Our experienced counsellors will help identify the most suitable courses and institutions for each student aligning with their affordability and country of choice.

How to apply for the undergraduate and postgraduate Study Abroad courses

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