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Australia is a world leader in sustainable agriculture and food production. Globally, there is a severe shortage of agribusiness professionals. Leaders Institute’s Bachelor of Agribusiness is ideally placed to prepare graduates for this ready market nationally and internationally. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills, that will make them market- and business-ready to work in small to large businesses in the areas of production, management and agribusiness finance. Graduates will also be equipped to be self-employed and establish their own businesses and employ others. The course encourages all graduates to be advocates of lifelong learning and ethical practice through membership of professional associations and industry peak bodies. Employment prospects are high and include positions in : farm management, agribusiness management, agricultural and resource economy management and analysis, policy development and analysis, sales and marketing, banking and finance, management consultancy. Students will, through their degree, develop and apply theoretical knowledge and understanding in a variety of authentic learning tasks and assessments including case studies, reports, interviews, portfolios, oral presentations, and practical exercises individually and in small teams. Four separate mandatory work integrated learning experiences are integrated into the course. Graduates will be market-and business-ready and advocates of lifelong learning. Graduate employment possibilities include: business analysis, business risk and governance advice, financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, taxation, management consultancy, private practice.

CICRA Campus is a renowned educational institution specializing in cyber security education. Recognized as a pioneering establishment in the field, it has now expanded its offerings to include the Bachelor of Agribusiness program in partnership with Leaders Institute, Australia.

Australia is a global leader in sustainable agriculture and food production. However, there is a significant shortage of qualified agribusiness professionals both nationally and internationally. Leaders Institute’s Bachelor of Agribusiness program aims to address this shortage by providing graduates with comprehensive knowledge, understanding, and skills to enter the agribusiness sector with confidence.

The program prepares students for various roles in the agribusiness industry, ranging from production and management to agribusiness finance. Graduates will not only be market-ready but also equipped to establish their own businesses and employ others, making them potential entrepreneurs.

Employment prospects for graduates are promising, with a wide range of potential positions available, such as farm management, agribusiness management, agricultural and resource economy management and analysis, policy development and analysis, sales and marketing, banking and finance, and management consultancy.

One of the key advantages of this collaboration is the unique opportunity for students to begin their degree program at CICRA Campus in Sri Lanka. After completing the first year, they can seamlessly transfer to Leaders Institute’s campuses in Sydney or Brisbane to finish the second and third years of the Bachelor of Agribusiness program. This pathway offers a cost-effective option for aspiring agribusiness professionals and provides exposure to both Sri Lankan and Australian educational environments.

Overall, this collaboration between CICRA Campus and Leaders Institute presents an exciting prospect for individuals interested in pursuing a career in agribusiness. It combines the expertise of a pioneering cyber security institution with the rich agricultural knowledge and resources of Australia, offering a comprehensive and valuable learning experience for students.

How to apply for the undergraduate and postgraduate Study Abroad courses

Bachelor of Agribusiness – Year 1 
Code Subject
ST101 Applied Quantitative Data Analysis
MK101 Marketing
MG101 Management
AC101 Accounting I
BC100 Professional Business Communication
EC102 Agricultural Economics
BM101 Introduction to Agribusiness Production and Management
OB101 Organisational and Human Management
  Bachelor of Agribusiness – Year 2
Code Subject
AP201 Agriculture Production Systems and Farm Management
AA201 Agribusiness auditing and assurance
BC200 Business decision making and problem solving
AP202 Integrated Pest Management
FN222 Agriculture finance and risk management
LH301 Leadership and Management in Agribusiness
AP301 Sustainable Agriculture and food security
  Bachelor of Agribusiness – Year 3
Code Subject
International Economic Development
FN304 Agriculture Value Chain Management
EC301 Agriculture and Resource Policy
FN311 Agriculture Accounting and Business Law
AB310 Agribusiness Capstone
BM200 Agribusiness professional internship

Successful completion of local or London A/L

Course fee – LKR. 850,000.00
Up to LKR. 100,000/-  Special discounts available. 
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