Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) Honours

Awarded by International University established by 34 countries

Completion in 3 Years – Classes held after school (starting from Year 1 of training in a school)

Modular based examinations and assignments

Qualification offered by UGC Recognised University

University Accreditation

The programme is designed for those who want a comprehensive teaching degree that will assist them in building successful career in the early childhood education sector; and most importantly for those with a passion for teaching.

Young and developing children require educators who are able to provide appropriate care and education for them. The significance of having qualified and trained ECE educators is now accepted by young parents, policy makers and society at large. It is therefore timely that those who care for and teach the young, and those who aspire to be ECE professionals, can now pursue the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education.


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Programme Highlights

  • The programme is internationally benchmarked, approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).
  • Interactive learning activities, assignments, online discussion.
  • Easy access to myPLS anytime, anywhere any devices.
  • Access to the physical and digital library comprising of around 190,000 e- books, 95,000 e-journals, and 2.4 million e-theses titles accessible anywhere anytime.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, students are able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the core knowledge areas.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children’s development.
  • Engage families and communities in enhancing quality early childhood education and care.
  • Practice professional values, attitudes and ethics.
  • Communicate effectively with children, colleagues, families and the community.
  • Apply problem solving, self-reflection, scientific skills and creative thinking in the care and education of young children.
  • Resource, select, analyse and apply information to enhance early learning and self-development.
  • Exhibit managerial and entrepreneurial skills in early childhood settings.

Core Subjects

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Developing the Curriculum
  • Enhancing Teacher Professionalism
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Educational Psychology
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Guidance for Children
  • School, Society & Family
  • Child Growth & Development
  • Research in the Classroom
  • Project Paper in Early Childhood Education


  • Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • Language and Literacy of Young Children
  • Children’s Health, Nutrition and Safety
  • Science for Young Learners
  • Mathematics for Young Learners
  • Technology for Young Children
  • Socio-Emotional Development of Children
  • Music, Movement and Play for Young Children
  • Evaluation and Observation of Children
  • Social Studies for Young Children
  • Visual Arts & Craft for Children
  • Caring for Infants & Toddlers
  • Home-School Partnership
  • Administration & Management of Early Childhood Centers
  • Practicum


Choose any four(4)

  • Children’s Play
  • Creative Writing for Young Children
  • Folklore and Modern Storytelling for Young Children
  • Graphic Design for Young Children
  • Managing Students with ADHD and Down Syndrome
  • Education of Young Learners with Autism and Dyslexia
  • Teaching Young Learners with Special Needs
  • Intervention Strategies for Exceptional Children
  • Moral Education for Young Children
  • Teaching Methods and Strategies in Moral Education
  • Assessment in Moral Education
  • Issues and Trends in Moral Education


Applicable to Malaysian Students only

  • Islamic and Asian Civilisations
  • Ethnic Relations
  • Academic Writing
  • Comparative Ethnics
  • Social Responsibility Project

Applicable to International Students only

  • English Grammar
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Academic Writing
  • Comparative Ethics
  • Social Responsibility Project

Industrial Training

From year 1 in a school. Classes conducted after school hours.

  • Advanced Level – 3 Passes
  • Diploma
  • International Foundation Program (IFP)

MQA Code: MQA/FA01280

Programme Code: (R-DL/143/6/0031) (MQA/FA01280) (05/24)

Study Mode: Physical Learning, after school hours.

Duration: 3 years – Classes after school ( from year 1 training in a school)


Assignment: 60%

Examination: 40%

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