Certified Secure Software Engineer (C|SSD)

Awarded by CICRA CAMPUS in Partnership with SLASSCOM

Short course focused on secure software development

Specially developed focused on filling the skills gap in secure software development

The Certified Secure Software Developer program’s purpose is to enhance the horizons of Software Developing Professionals in the country by providing a well-structured training program in Application security. The proposed training program will empower the software developers in Sri Lanka to be a professionally qualified  Certified Secure Software Developer. Holistically, having a set of Certified Secure Software Developers in the country will be a definite advantage when engaging in foreign projects & building world-class products. Moreover, the identification of the below requirements has underpinned the delivery of the proposed professional training program. 

  • Ensure that application security is no longer an afterthought but a foremost one. 

  • Ensure that the organizations mitigate the risk of losing millions due to security compromises that may arise with every step of the application development process.

  • Ensure that the organizations mitigate the risk of losing millions due to security compromises that may arise with every step of the application development process.

  • Help individuals develop the habit of giving importance to security sacrosanct of their job role in the SDLC, therefore opening security as the main domain for testers, developers, network administrators, etc.

This program will be conducted in 3 stages and the successful completion of the final stage will award the “Certified Secure Software Developer” certification by SLASSCOM. This tests the critical security skills and knowledge required throughout a typical software development life cycle (SDLC), focusing on the importance of the implementation of secure methodologies and practices in today’s insecure operating environment. The training program encompasses security activities involved in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC): Planning, Creating, Testing, and Deploying an application.

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Programme is conducted in 3 levels. Each stage will comprise an assignment to measure the knowledge levels of the participants before allowing them to participate in the next level . Certificates and transcripts are issued based on their achievements(Assignment completion).

Level 1 

Fundamentals of Secure Software Developer 

Level 2

Certificate in Secure Software Analyzer 

Level 3

Certified Secure Software Developer 

1.Introduction to Application Security.

1. Understanding Threat modelling. 

1. Low-level security 

2. Introduction to Web and Mobile. Applications (How it works and basic architecture)

2. Introduction to secure software requirement.

2. Exploiting Application

3. Introduction to Common Application Security Vulnerabilities. 

3. In-depth understanding of Common Application Security Vulnerabilities.

3. Security Vulnerabilities 

4. Introduction to Misuse cases and Security use cases.

4. Understanding secure coding best-practices.

4. Introduction to Cryptography

5. Introduction to SSDLC 

5. Testing Mobile Applications. 

5. Security design best practices 

6. Introduction to Tools and Testing techniques.

6. Testing APIs. 

6. Application Security Tools


7. Determining the severity of Application Security Vulnerabilities.

7. Introduction to Automation & DevSecOps


8. Application Security


9. Vulnerability reporting

Per level allocated time lines & Assessments 

Allocated Hrs - 14

Hrs per session - 2

Sessions per week - 2 

Total sessions - 7 

Assessment - Assignment will be issues as soon after the 7 the session of each level 

A Bachelor degree in any Software Engineering / Work experience (Executive grade) in software development for more than 5 years 

3 Months - Wednesday & Friday from 4.30 - 6.30 pm 

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Course fee - Rs. 75,000.00
Up to Rs. 11,000/-  Special discounts available. 
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