Executive MSc in Information Security


The Executive Master of Science Degree in Information Security encompasses the complete overall body of knowledge of the information security industry. By covering 360 degrees of information security perspectives, the programme produces thoroughbred managers and leaders in the IT sector with profound understanding of the information security domain. The rich curriculum and faculty of the course is instrumental in assisting individuals to obtain the requisite accreditation to advance their career.
The program is exclusive in Sri Lanka and individuals successfully completing this program will be capable in designing, implementing, operating and managing a robust information security system in compliance with policies, legislature and global standards.


An Executive MSc in Information Security is awarded by Asia e University (AeU), Malaysia. AeU is a Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and Member of the International Council for Open and Distance Education. The university is an international university set in Asia, by Asians for Asia under the Asia Cooperation Dialogue of which Government of Sri Lanka is a signatory. The university is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka.



  • Affordable, specially negotiated fee structure for Sri Lankan students
  • Could be completed within 12-15 months
  • Awarded by an International University supported by 33 countries
  • Modular based examinations and assignments
  • Five hours face to face learning per week



  • Understand the importance of information security including information security methods, information security risk analysis and, legal and ethical approaches to information security.
  • Understand the best practices in security operations management, disaster recovery and business continuity, and incidence response and forensic analysis.
  • Understand the approaches for information security in an organization and on the physical security of information assets.
  • Acquire an overall understanding of the importance of information system security including data security, database security, network security and computer security.
  • Acquire an overall understanding of information governance and insight into information audit.
  • Students will learn how to apply information security in to practice with the right processes, tools and techniques, and how to tailor global standards to their unique information security requirements.
  • Program will also focus on interpersonal skills including communication, leadership and decision making to ensure it builds excellent leaders in information security.
  • Lessons

    • 1 Principles of Information Security
    • 2 Advanced Computer Security
    • 3 Network Security and Intrusion Detection
    • 4 Application Security
    • 5 Data and Database Security
    • 6 Information Governance and Audit
    • 7 Information Security Management
    • 8 Research Methodology
    • 9 Final Project