Certified Android Security Professional (C|ASP)


Being the pioneer information security training and consultancy provider in Sri Lanka, CICRA introduces the first ever Mobile Security Certification program in Sri Lanka (CI MSS) to address enterprise mobile security issues. The program covers both theoretically as well as practically in securing the mobile devices, applications, network and its data in enterprise environment.

Individuals engaging in this program will learn the best practices for mobile security risk management, means to develop and deploy secure mobile applications, implement effective mobile device security strategies and identify flaws in proprietary and third-party applications.

The uniqueness of the program and the current need for professionals capable of developing secure mobile device strategies suitable for corporate environments will guarantee that those who obtain the certification can enjoy better opportunities at competitive salaries in addition to learning how to use their own devices securely.


  • The only comprehensive mobile security certification program in the world
  • Content covers mobile, application, network and data security
  • Preparation for risk management in mobility
  • Globally recognized lecturer
  • Two separate certifications for Android and iOS in addition to the main certification


  • Each certification consists of eight modules to be covered in eight sessions
  • Students need to pass the final exam and labs to be certified as android / iOS security professionals.
  • At the successful completion of both certifications, the student will be awarded the Certified Mobile Security Professional status.
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